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Neurobiology: The chemistry of memory
4 December 2017 | 3:32 pm

Study suggests smart people have better connected brains
4 December 2017 | 2:34 pm

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Guilt is both a religious concept and a fundamental issue in psychotherapy within the psychodynamic tradition....
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Featured Therapist: Beth Robertson, MA, RP, DT, ATTTP Trainee

“Myths are very important…They are metaphors that allow us to know things we otherwise could never know.” -Joseph Campbell

So here you are, having taken a deep breath, perhaps shed a tear, felt a tightness in your stomach or a lump in your throat…you have realized that you need something to happen, that something has to change, that things just don’t seem right... [ Click here to read more ]

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by P. Anne Winter

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes.- Marcel Proust

Eternal Moments

This essay is an attempt to stress the importance of memory in the development of rage and shame. To facilitate this, the essay will explore the developmental mechanics of memory during the first fifteen months post-birth and its role in creating these two isolating...
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Our difficulties of the moment must always be dealt with somehow, but our permanent difficulties are difficulties of every moment.
- T.S.Eliot

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