Lia Falzon RP, Dip ATPPP, Affiliate TPS&I, DTATI

Lia Falzon, Psychotherapist
ext. 225

I am a Registered Psychotherapist and a member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. Tired of repeating the same scenarios again and again? Break free from limiting patterns and live the life you were born to lead ...

Sometimes it can feel like, however hard you try, life keeps handing you the same deck of cards. It can show up as an addiction, unfulfilling work, abusive relationships, sexual frustration/confusion, depression or anxiety. At times like these it can be difficult to imagine a different way of being and - despite your good intentions - you may find yourself making identical choices and falling into the same old traps without thinking. How frustrating!

How can psychotherapy help?

Psychotherapy helps by opening up new neurological pathways and exploring original ways of dealing with old challenges. As you develop a trust-filled, confidential relationship with your psychotherapist, you are encouraged and empowered to work through limiting beliefs and behaviours. As we work together, you will begin to notice that there have been shifts in your behaviour, more ease in your way of being and a different understanding of who you are. Relationships will become easier, you will feel heard and understood, destructive habits will no longer be driving your life and you will be able to find more creative solutions to long-standing 'problems'.

Psychotherapy will benefit you if you:

  • Consistently choose unloving relationships
  • Are frequently drawn to self-destructive behaviour and addictions
  • Feel stuck and frustrated and can't see a way through
  • Don't understand why situations keep turning out the same way
  • Lack the confidence to follow your dreams
  • Suspect a traumatic experience may be holding you back
  • Feel depressed or lonely and need to move on from the past
  • Have forgotten what it feels like to be excited or happy
  • Feel paralyzed by anxiety

Why choose me?

I am passionate about helping you find an approach that works for you. My lifelong interest in the power of the mind coupled with deep personal insight and over fifteen years' experience as a professional psychotherapist working with relationship problems, depression, anxiety, addiction, parental loss and trauma, means I can help you overcome obstacles and create the life you've always imagined. I am also trained in the NeurOptimal method, a system that gives feedback directly to your brain allowing it to regulate itself more efficiently.

Next steps

If you feel ready to make a commitment to understanding and changing your life, please get in touch with me by email or by phone. Click here for a map to my St. Clair Avenue office, conveniently located a short walk west of Avenue Road and St. Clair, with good area car parking and quick TTC LRT connections in both directions from the St Clair-Yonge and St Clair West subway stations.

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