Wendy Kirk MDiv, RP, MAG, CIT, Clinical Member OSP

'These days we are apt to seek out a therapist to […] help us get the dragon back into its cave. Therapists of many schools will oblige in this, and we will thus be returned to what Freud called "ordinary unhappiness" and, temporarily, heave a sigh of relief, our repressions working smoothly once again. Zen, by contrast, offers dragon-riding lessons, for the few who are sufficiently intrepid.'
- David Brazier

I am a Registered Psychotherapist and a member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. With the understanding that not everyone will want or have the constitution for dragon-riding lessons, I would invite you to come in for any part of your process. My understanding of life is that this is a process that occurs throughout our lifetime, and that we tell ourselves when we are ready for the next part of the journey. At times, things will surface because we are at a place in our life that evokes echoes of the past. Sometimes, they come up because we are transitioning to a new space in our life – geographically, emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually. It could be the anniversary of former events. Outside events or traumas may force the process. Occasionally, we've just told ourselves "it's time".

This rarely happens at a convenient time. Battling the dragon back into the cave will work for a while. Reducing anxiety and discovering self-care techniques that reduce the actual symptoms will also ease things for a time.

I've been through this dilemma myself, and struggled with how this would impact my life and my family. The ride can be rough for a time, but, if pursued, becomes exhilarating, and so liberating as the old structures fall away, and new ones take their place.

I have listed under my photo the areas I mostly work with as abuse in childhood, brief dynamic, LGBTQ issues, relationship, anger management, trance, self-esteem, identity issues, stress, trauma and on-line therapy through Skype or VOIP.

I don't believe anyone is broken and needs to be fixed. I do believe that most of us live lives of quiet pain, which colours the rest of our experience. Taking steps to confront the pain, and work through our responses can allow us to fully engage in life. It's like coming from darkness to life – seeing life from inside the cocoon compared to flying free. It will create change, and life will be different, but it will be more full of promise and expectation. It does take time and effort. Let me help you reclaim the lost pieces of yourself. Contact me for a free consultation, and visit my website for further information. My office is located near the Don Valley Parkway and Lawrence Avenue East in North York.

'W(hole) Again'

I think I've found myself today.
Managed to get my hands on
all the little pieces.
Too much time spent thinking I was broken
when I was really just lost
It's time now, I say
place me back together again – all these tiny pieces.
Because I think I am ready to be whole again.

          - by Lindsay Grant

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