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Toronto Therapist Directory by FIRST name

Therapist Email Phone 647-723-5274
Alex BelakovskyAlex@therapytoronto.caext.238
Andrea D'OnofrioAndrea@therapytoronto.caext.222
Beth RobertsonBeth@therapytoronto.caext. 215
Chris RookwoodChris@therapytoronto.caext. 221
Christine WerbskiChristine@therapytoronto.caplease email
Gordon MacLeodGordon@therapytoronto.caplease email
Grace NostbakkenGrace@therapytoronto.caplease email
Helen ReillyHelen@therapytoronto.caplease email
Jude JohnstonJude@therapytoronto.caplease email
Karen ZarnettKaren@therapytoronto.caext.239
Kerry GordonKerry@therapytoronto.caplease email
Lia FalzonLia@therapytoronto.caext. 225
Lisa ShouldiceLisa@therapytoronto.caext. 214
Liz KalmanLiz@therapytoronto.caplease email
Louise HampsonLouise@therapytoronto.caplease email
Malcolm WellandMalcolm@therapytoronto.caplease email
Mario LourencoMario@therapytoronto.caplease email
Mike HynesMike@therapytoronto.caext. 228
Nancy DranitsarisNancy@therapytoronto.caext. 226
Sandra FlearSandra@therapytoronto.caplease email
Sara TroughtSara@therapytoronto.caplease email
Stephen van BeekStephen@therapytoronto.caext. 208
Sue St. JohnSue@therapytoronto.caext. 240
Susan LeopoldSusan@therapytoronto.caext. 232
Susan MonteithSusanmonteith@therapytoronto.caext. 217
Suzanne M. GardSuzanne@therapytoronto.caplease email
Sylvia KrausSylvia@therapytoronto.caplease email
Tamar IshakyTamar@therapytoronto.caplease email
Tara DubrowTara@therapytoronto.caplease email
Toni GordonToni@therapytoronto.caext.227
Wendy KirkWendy@therapytoronto.caplease email
Zoe PeplerZoe@therapytoronto.ca234

The psychotherapists appearing on this site are independent. They are not employed nor controlled by is acting solely as a listing service for the convenience of those seeking the services of psychotherapists.